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social impact organizations


Cold Water Strategies is a full-service social media and digital marketing agency for documentary films and social impact organizations. We work hard to increase impact, visibility, and growth for your organization to better the world we live in.


“Cold Water’s professionalism, deep knowledge of the digital media universe and pleasant personalities are all incredibly important to established filmmakers who want to get their films out to wider and more diverse audiences.”
— Jed Riffe, Filmmaker

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We’re passionate about digital marketing, and we want to use that passion to help promote your next important project.


Our Work

From Email Marketing and Google AdWords to Social Media Management and Advertising, our versatile digital marketing skill set covers everything from a simple solution for a one-time project to support for an ongoing effort.

We’re well versed in all areas of digital marketing including strategy, social media, digital advertising, and influencer marketing.

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Our Clients

We’re proud to work with clients who promote social causes that positively impact the world and help others view the world through a different lens.

Our clients are passionate about a wide array of issues spanning social justice, personal transformation and progressive politics. See what they’ve said about us.

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Always Surfing for Inspiration

Our diverse team is never in one place for too long, which keeps us inspired to do great work. We call many places home but generally try not to stray far from a body of water for too long.